Coca Tenorio – Cold Like Stones

Coca Tenorio is a singer/songwriter who has adopted the Highlands of Scotland as her home. She grew up in the remote coastal villages of Esmeraldas: a region of Ecuador known for it’s strong Afro-Ecuadorian culture & musical heritage. In 1999 Coca moved with her children to the Highlands of Scotland and continued to perform as a singer while working as a fashion designer. In 2009 she self-released her debut album Todo Transito, which was well received.

Cold Like Stones, her new album, was released yesterday 29 June 2017 and is a collection of twelve soulful songs composed by Coca; some English, some Spanish and one a mix of the two. Songs of yearning and sorrow, set to colourful Afro-Latin rhythms with elements of jazz, folk and rock. Her voice reminds me of Celia Cruz the Queen of Salsa.

Coca Tenorio

On the album, Coca is accompanied by musicians from Scotland, Ecuador, Cuba and Colombia. It was recorded in Scotland and Ecuador. Mixed and mastered by Nick Turner at Watercolour Studios. It’s a good solid album with no weak tracks. Il Testigo stands out as the track with the most feeling and the strong lyrics add to the dramatic effect. I love the Andean influence in this one and I shall be playing this on next week’s show.

Other stand out tracks are the dreamy Estrella Fugaz that has some nice guitar work, Maria Va where one can hear the range of Coca’s voice and the bilingual Nobody Knows with its bluesy guitar that spills over into the next track Game of Love.

Cold Like Stones is available from and major online outlets.


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