Track Listing 2016-12-09 #054

BeirutBiloma – X Ray
Hinds – Warts

MØ – Slow Love

Caribbean Couple
Derrick Harriott – Monkey Ska
Local Calypso Quintet – No Money No Music

Ibrahim Maalouf – Surprises
Dayme Arocena – El Ruso

Delizioso – La Canzone Del Boscaiolo
Jacques Dutronc – L’Espace d’une Fille
Katie Melua – God On The Drums, Devil On The Bass

Friday Fado
Stockholm Lisboa Project – Senhora Do Almurtao

Chico Trujillo – Sin Excusas
Krusala – Tam Ha Kujai
Калевала – Корочун

Laleh – Svalorna
Julie Fowlis – Turas San Lochmor
Mika Nohira – Nikui Aitsu

Yé-Yé Girl
Evy – Une Question Qui Se Pose (Question I Can’t Answer)

Muzykanci – Hora
Scott Fagan – South Atlantic Blues
Axiom Of Choice – Ancient Sky


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